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CENI welcomes teachers to the first virtual ICAT Creativity + Innovation Day!

Atsa Roseway

You are invited to attend Visionary Force- ICAT Creativity + Innovation Day May 4th, 2020!  

ICAT Creativity + Innovation Day is a celebration of the work that happens when teams of talented and creative people come together to address complex challenges using creative applications and/or cutting edge technologies.  By attending this virtual event you will not only tap into an immense amount of innovative knowledge, but you will also receive 5 hours of professional development/ recertification credit!

Be sure to read through the Teacher Experience, provided by Phyllis Newbill, Ph.D., Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech. Also, check out this article from Virginia Tech Daily or the ICAT website for more information on this inspiring event!