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Center for Educational Networks and Impacts

The Center for Educational Networks and Impacts houses ICAT’s education work related to outreach and engagement, research and evaluation, and partnership and advocacy. Our commitment to share research with the community exists with the goal of collaborating in a culture of creativity in the region among school systems, museums, and other educational institutions.

Center for Educational Networks and Impacts


The Virginia Tech Science Festival is a Saturday celebration of science as a way of knowing.  Held since 2014, this expo-style, family-friendly event reaches 4,000- 6,000 visitors, including families, school field trips, and Virginia Tech students.


The CENI liaison network is building a community of practice between Virginia Tech and the regional formal and informal education community, including museums and school systems. Liaisons work with both Virginia Tech and their respective education organizations.


At the Center for Educational Networks and Impacts, we offer collaborative research support to the Virginia Tech community. The Center consults with researchers on broader impact design, data management plans, statistical analysis and interpretation, and external evaluation.


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