CENI Liaison Network

The CENI liaison network is building a community of practice between Virginia Tech and the regional formal and informal education community, including museums and school systems. Liaisons work with both Virginia Tech and their respective education organizations, and they spend regularly scheduled time in the physical spaces of both organizations.  

Liaisons serve as the point of contact for the relationship, document the relationship between VT and schools and museums, coordinate field trips to Virginia Tech, and bi-directionally facilitate requests for grants, field trips, and projects.

Liaisons connect faculty to audiences for Broader Impacts, help Virginia Tech students gain access to outreach and service opportunities, and connect university faculty and the regional educational community to pursue grant funding opportunities.

CENI has established liaison relationships with the Science Museum of Western Virginia, Montgomery County Public Schools, Floyd County Public Schools, and Radford City Public Schools.  We are actively seeking to grow the network.

CENI Campus Engagement Network

The Campus Engagement Network is composed of representatives from colleges, centers, and offices on campus who provide outreach opportunities to preK-12 learners on campus and off. The Campus Engagement Network shares collaborations, best practices, networks, marketing, and events.

CENI Teacher Network

CENI’s programs connect us with regional teachers, who comprise the CENI Teacher Network. CENI Teacher Network members get access to field trips, activities, and workshops. 

CENI Student Network

Members of the CENI Student Network lead outreach efforts, including field trips, festivals, and online meetups. CENI Student Network members serve as CENI employees, interns, and volunteers. Some CENI interns participate in the Campus InternEXP program.

Statewide connections

CENI collaborates across Virginia with STEM providers, schools, museums, and libraries. CENI faculty collaborate with 4-VA schools on research on STEM networks in Virginia.