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Chelsea E. Haines

Associate Director of Broader Impacts
  • Affiliate Faculty, Engineering Education
  • Affiliate Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Education

Dr. Chelsea E. Haines is the Associate Director of Broader Impacts in the Center for Educational Networks and Impacts (CENI). Chelsea's focus is to enhance the quality of university broader impacts through educational, research, and evaluation activities conducted by CENI and its partners. She brings rich experience to our outreach and engagement networks and is committed to promoting inclusion and data-informed decision-making in educational spaces. Prior to completing her PhD in Higher Education at Virginia Tech, she implemented advising, enrollment management, and administrative operations for the now ranked Program in Real Estate, facilitated co-curricular assessment and professional development programs in Student Affairs, and conducted research exploring funding policy impacts in STEM graduate education for the DEEP Lab within the Department of Engineering Education. She brings expertise in preK-12 and higher education finance and policy, strategic planning, quantitative and qualitative research, culturally responsive assessment and evaluation, and grant-writing. For the past year she has served as a post-doctoral scholar working in preK-12 outreach and engagement for CENI, ICAT, and the NSF RED grant based in The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

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Illuminating human resources trends in education finance and issues of educational inequities  across 50 states with a wide audience of P–12 and higher education administrators, graduate students, and policymakers.

A Human Resources Administration Document Analysis of the State of the States (2013–2019). CH Lyles, V Adams, D Grote - Journal of Education Human Resources, 2021